Diving Into The Dark

by Facade

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finally free from your distractions you head off in search of the one thing you think you need right now.
its not long now until you find your way but right now you are as lost as when you first began.

the landscape was dark yet the sky was filled with the luminous essence of a millions stars which seemingly
so small where far from frivolous. the thoughts of past present and future are playing with your mind and deterring you from focusing.
through your struggles you continued on searching.

it wasnt long until you came across your first destination.
peaking over the hill you could see the facade hiding away the machine required for further exploration

clearing away the brush that was hiding it you quickly hop in preparing yourself for your journey ahead. thinking about how you got here in the first place
your thoughts and memories convulsing erupting breaking at the seems. you sit for a minute giving your tired conscious a rest before continuing on.

powering it on your face lights up with a million colors like a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes leaving you elated
quickly pressing buttons it lifts of the ground reverberating and pulsating the light around you.

almost spontaneously the world melts into every color imaginable,
flowing past you like the rain on a window you begin the journey to the other aspects

as dark as it began you turn up into what seems to be the darkest yet.
in the back of your mind you hear the whistling of your past and the footsteps of your future eerily hanging over you like a dark cloud on a sunny day

as you traveled the dark ever-changing lights started to surround you as you finally see what you where looking for.

the path so seldomly traveled you prepare yourself for the dive.
staring at the natatorium you see the ambiguity in your face, but determined you press on diving into the dark

all around you you start to see the stars of the night swirling around you in an almost quixotical way.
bouncing with your thoughts before you know it they are oscillating with your mind.

the continuous swirling and oscillating were playing with your mind,
hypnotizing and hypnotic you find yourself in a trance of light and feeling you've never felt.
constantly building and droning you find yourself lifted and free. you've found exactly what it was. this is what you've been looking for.


released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Facade Maine

I am facade of ages
an ambient producer that sometimes dabbles in other works.

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Track Name: SSAM
the galaxy thats ever expanding
and the seeds that we were planting
its not long till they show up
and they'll see how we've grownup

refract the light
its not too late to fight
shattered starshine above me
is all it takes to be free

(what is this feeling inside me)
(something is trying to break free)
(i wont let it take over me)
(because thats not what i want to be)
Track Name: Staring At The Somber Pool
(staring at the ever dark pool)
(my mind has been distinctly cruel)
(i hear it coming i have to dive in)
(only then can it truly begin)